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"Ello *waves* My name is Wingting and I like to write fan-fiction, photoshop (even though I suck at it) reading (fan-fiction) and lots more stuff! I like to meet new friends even if they are on the otherside of the world! One day I do hope to be able to travel xP According to my friends (even the ones from the internet) they say I'm a very optimistic girl o-o but I have very low-self esteem and not a lot of confidence, so boost my confidence by commenting on my fics :3 And yes, Chachi(Appa, since she married my JaeJoongie Umma) and I nicknamed this Community the "Land of the Dead" since we take FOREVER to update xD! And I am from the United Kingdom *Silences*" "'immortal five' is a shared comm between the wonderful wing-ting and our lovely chachi-hyung. please enjoy your stay and remember to join! ^_^ most posts will be locked within 72-hours of its posting. oh, and BTW, plagiarism is NOT allowed. EVER. ^_^ have a nice day." "hello! you can call me chachi! i like writing and reading and playing video games and eating among many, many other things. also, i will address you as 'oppa'. DO NOT REFUSE THIS TITLE. anyway, my two OTPs are yunho/jaejoong and shizuo/izaya, if you've ever read/watched durarara!! YES I HAVE AN ANIME OTP DON'T JUDGE ME! my updates are slower than the pace i can run at (which is not very fast, ehem.) but i try my best for all you lovely readers out there, although my writing skills are not very good.... OTL. oh, one more thing. i come from canada! we have cool temperatures and SNOW! U JELLY???"