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05 February 2014 @ 09:41 pm
Title: U-Know Sama
Author: VanillaIcex3
Genre: Romance, fluff, idek.
Rated: NC-17 in some parts
Disclaimer: Yes, I based this off of some fic I read... don't remember.
Pairing: Yunjae

“Is your brain filled with grass? You can’t even relate this?”Collapse )

Vanilla's Words: Er. Hi, where is this place. Who are you? Omg, what is this?

I don't even know o_o, anywho, I've started writing this since December >_> Was going to post a longer version of this but I can't so I chopped it to make it into another verse(?) Because it's still in the process of being written -_-. I'm sorry for the smut. Har har har. UNI LIFE SUCKS PERIOD.

8'), but anyway, it's still February 5th over here. Between Yunjae's birthdays ;DDD <3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAEBABY AND HO!BEAR. Fluffy piece of man. ;_;. I wish you both and the rest of DB5K the best. Hope 2 years won't be too long for us and you, because I wanna always see your damn fucking sexy hot face. ._. I have not yet seen you all in person so, I have to see you soon. >:/ !!!!

With all the creepiness of a fangirl's love,

Pssssssssst: Kitty, if you have the beta version of this post it, cuz I forgot to ask you for it 8'D. (yes this is unbeta-ed. and if there are any mistakes, tell mehhhhhhh)
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♡: ugh, accounting.
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12 January 2012 @ 07:37 pm
voodoo magic 8
romance, comedy, etc..
warning: uh, they have sex (FINALLY)

a/n: the porn bit of my fic. it was about time i wrote it. no chickening out and cockbocking the fic this time XD & jsyk, there's a hit counter right at the bottom... so.... YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO YOU GUYYZZZZZ. and, sorry, it's been forever. just putting off the sex bit, because it's so painful for me to write DX BUT IT'S FINISHED!!!

His body felt so unbearably hot against Yunho’s.Collapse )

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